The piano, since its inception over 3 centuries ago, has involved immensely in areas of craftsmanship and performance owing to the ever-changing world of technology we live in and resulting in a paradigm shift in the art of piano building. Today, selecting the ideal piano can pose such a ominous task. Moreover, pianos do vary largely in performance areas of tone, touch and audibility. FALS Piano Boutique understands this completely and works within these parameters to deliver the ideal piano to the player, artist and performer. FALS Piano Boutique, created and owned by Franz Wankadia is the prodigy of over 2 decades of expertise in areas of intense marketing, retail, wholesale and school music management of acoustic pianos and other musical instruments both in Australia and internationally.
Franz has worked closely with an array of acoustic piano brands from Germany, Japan, China, Korea and Indonesia. Drawing from this, FALS Piano Boutique is committed to bringing to piano educators, schools, artists, performers, universities, the corporate sector and young and adult beginners in the wider community a quality instrument for every budget which would be cherished for many decades and passed on. Please call to make an appointment and enjoy a unique lounge experience while we help you select your ideal piano. Fals Piano Boutique is proud to represent brands such as Mason & Hamlin and Wertheim in Melbourne and Victoria and sincerely look forward to making your experience a fruitful one.


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In 1875 when German immigrant Hugo Wertheim arrived in Australia, it was to be a new era for Australia and piano manufacturing.

Hugo imported Wertheim pianos from Germany until he opened the Wertheim factory at Bendigo Street, Richmond in 1908, then foundation stone for which was laid by the late Prime Minister Alfred Deakin.

This state-of-the-art factory produced high quality Wertheim pianos and many of these pianos take pride of place in many Australian homes and venues. Wertheim was the piano choice for many great performing musicians including Dame Nellie Melba. The Melbourne Tivoli theatre also housed a Wertheim concert grand piano.

With the introduction of radio and the effects of the great depression, the Australian Wertheim factory was closed and production was moved to an Asian factory that was also producing pianos for Yamaha. Read more 


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